Covid-19 Update & socialmix Strategy

Covid-19 Update & socialmix Strategy

The COVID19 pandemic is causing significant damage to all three tiers of alcohol distribution in the United States with producers, distributors and retailers being impacted. Given these unique challenges, our new venture socialmix is now more than ever motivated to help during the current environment and provide a platform of engagement when we start the recovery process – hopefully soon.

 To be more specific, we have reorganized our strategic focus in the following ways:

  1. Lifestyle: Is our strategy to support the industry and introduce our brand. The concept is to develop a presence complete with an online store for lifestyle gear and tools for both consumer and professional use. Our mission, however, is to focus this part of the business on helping establishments and bartenders during these tough times by donating a portion of all our proceeds to the U.S. Bartenders’ Guild National Charity Foundation. This cause is important to us and we look forward to making a positive impact.
  2. Friend-a-Drink: Is our campaign to support local Restaurant, Bar and Retail Store communities during the Covid-19 pandemic. Our goal is to raise awareness of all of the latest delivery methods available in the market to purchase cocktails. Join the cause and #FriendaDrink to someone who could use a cocktail as they safely stay at home during this crisis!
  3. Make-a-Drink: Is our use-case to support promoting, finding and delivering cocktails through our app experience. This will be especially useful during and post self-quarantine environments. Not only can most patrons already have distilled spirits delivered for homemade creation, recent changes in laws in some areas of the U.S. now allow delivery of freshly made cocktails by bartenders when delivered with food orders.
  4. Enjoy-a-Drink: Is our use-case for finding and enjoying cocktails at an establishment. We believe this will be critically important once we get through the pandemic “stay-at-home” phases. The support of establishments (restaurants, bars, clubs, etc.) to enable engagement and new experiences will be critical in their recovery and success. We believe our socialmix mobile app experience will be perfectly positioned to support the industry as we come out of the pandemic in weeks and months ahead.

Be safe!

The socialmix Team