Mobile App

Mobile App

You know that feeling after a long day when you’re with a group of good friends, seated at a venue with a great atmosphere, and you get served the perfect cocktail?

That’s socialmix.

Connecting people one drink at a time.

socialmix is a mobile experience and lifestyle brand for the cocktail beverage industry. Our disruptive approach changes the point-of-view of engagement from pushing adult beverage purchasing as a commodity to enabling it as a connection through personalized experiences. By leveraging intelligence and automation, our model completely changes the status quo for more than 240 million adults who consume alcohol in the United Sates. Essentially, we’re creating a multi-sided platform connecting patrons, mixologists and establishments/brands to cultivate growth within the mixed drink market by providing a better answer to the common question of “What do you want to drink?”

UPDATE: We have completed our mobile app prototype and working towards our minimum viable product launch targeted for 2022!